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Door Closer Repair and Replacement Services

If your door is slamming, we have the parts to repair!

We have one of the largest selections of door closers in Cincinnati! We are also the oldest full service door closer repair center in Cincinnati!

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We carry the following brands of door closers and parts at our local showroom but we are happy to work with any equipment.



Rixon Door Closer


Dorma Door Closer


Sargent Door Closer



Norton Door Closer (2)


Dorma Door Closer (2)


Shot Gun Style Door Closer

Shotgun Style Closer

Norton Door Closer


Norton Door Closer (3)


Jackson Door Closer


What Is a Commercial Door Closer, and How Does It Work?

A commercial door closer is a mechanical device designed to automatically close a door after it has been opened. This essential piece of hardware ensures the door returns to its closed position, maintaining security, privacy, and energy efficiency. Door closers work using a hydraulic, pneumatic, or spring-loaded mechanism that regulates the speed and force of the door’s closing motion.

How Do Door Closers Work?

Door closers work by employing a combination of springs and hydraulic fluid to control the door’s movement. When a door is opened, the closer’s spring is compressed, storing energy. As the door is released, the compressed spring pushes the door back to the closed position, while hydraulic fluid controls the speed and force of the closing motion.

Types of Commercial Door Closers

There are several types of commercial door closers, including:

  • a. Surface-mounted closers

  • b. Concealed closers

  • c. Floor closers

  • d. Overhead closers

Each type varies in appearance, installation method, and functionality, catering to different door types and commercial requirements.

Who Needs Commercial Door Closers?

Commercial door closers are necessary for a variety of businesses and organizations, such as:

  • a. Office buildings

  • b. Retail stores

  • c. Healthcare facilities

  • d. Educational institutions

  • e. Hotels and restaurants

These establishments often require secure, controlled, and ADA-compliant doorways for their occupants’ safety and convenience.

How Hydraulic Door Closers Work

A hydraulic door closer uses hydraulic fluid to regulate the closing speed and force of the door. As the door opens, fluid is displaced from one chamber to another, compressing the closer’s spring. When the door is released, the spring pushes the door back to its closed position, while hydraulic fluid is forced through a valve, controlling the door’s closing speed.

Surface Mounted Closers

Surface-mounted closers are the most common type of door closer, mounted on the surface of the door or door frame. They are affordable, easy to install, and available in various styles, making them a popular choice for commercial applications.

Common Issues with Door Closers

Here are some common problems our customers have experinced with door closers in the past.

Adjusting Closing Speeds

Door closers often have adjustable closing speeds, allowing you to customize the speed at which the door closes. This is typically achieved by turning a screw or adjusting a valve, controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid and ensuring the door closes at the desired pace.

Opening Cycle

The opening cycle refers to the process of a door being opened and then closed. Door closers play a crucial role in regulating the opening cycle, ensuring the door closes smoothly and at a controlled pace.

Leaking Door Closers

Have you noticed leaking oil, or a door slamming shut? Fixing a leaking door closer typically involves identifying the source of the leak, such as a damaged O-ring or worn seals, and replacing the affected components. In some cases, the entire closer may need to be replaced. Our expert door closer service technicians can recommend the most cost effective option for your situation.

Backcheck Valve Completely Closed

A backcheck valve is a component in a door closer that controls the door’s opening speed, preventing it from slamming or opening too quickly. If the valve is completely closed, it may need to be adjusted or replaced.

Closer Body End Cap O-Ring Replacement

Replacing the end cap O-ring on a closer body involves removing the closer, disassembling the closer body, and installing a new O-ring. This is a common maintenance task that can help resolve issues such as leaks and inconsistent closing performance. Before attempting this repair, consult the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper disassembly and reassembly.

Availability Of Parts

When selecting a commercial door closer, it’s essential to consider the availability of replacement parts. Choose a reputable brand with a history of providing quality products and reliable customer support to ensure easy access to parts and assistance when needed.


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