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With more than 40 years of experience as safe experts in Cincinnati, OH, Allied Lock and Door has set a high standard for providing quality safes and vaults in the area. Such longevity speaks to our promise and commitment to protecting the assets and fulfilling the security needs of our customers.

To help keep your personal and business items secured, we provide the best home safes, office safes, deposit safes, and fire/burglary safes for your needs. Each of our products ensures that your belongings are kept out of harm’s way in case of unexpected events.

Ever wondered “Where can I find home safes near me?” Browse our selection of top quality safes right here in our Cincinnati show-room to get started.

Types of Safes We Offer

Home Safes

Home safes are often available in local home improvement stores, however they typically sell models with 20 minute and 1 hour fire rating. Having peace of mind knowing that your personal property is safe within your home is unmatched, but knowing they are protected for a longer, 2-hour rating, is even better. That’s why home safes from Allied Lock and Door Service Co. are the perfect choice for protecting the valuables in your house.

Purchasing a home safes from us in Cincinnati can help protect your belongings from:

Burglary & Theft

Fire Damage

Water Damage

Office Safes

Office safes are very similar to your typical home safe but can be larger to accommodate specific office needs, especially when security and confidentiality is a high priority. Even if co-workers are generally trustworthy, assurance can come from adequately protecting certain documents, hardware, software or other pieces of equipment and technology.

At times, it’s more secure to keep valuable work related belongings at work inside a worthy safe. This cuts out the added risk of bringing files back and forth between work and home and allows the added sense of security that potentially shady office dwellers, or co-workers that are prone to borrowing your things without asking, aren’t snooping through them while you are away.

Many office safes are designed and tested to make sure that they do not unlock even when they are dropped at certain heights. Most of these commercial safes also come with electronic locks.

Deposit Safes

Deposit safes, also called drop safes, are normally used by postal offices, banks, and businesses. They are also utilized by offices that require a secure location to perform quick deposits regularly without the need to open their safes.

With deposit safes, items are dropped in a small hatch located at the front or top of the safe. This type of safe is used to temporarily store valuables until they are transferred to a permanent location or are retrieved by the owners.

Fire and Burglary Safes

Let’s face it, burglars are tenacious and fire is even more so, which is why at Allied Lock & Door Service Co. we are committed to offering safes that are 2-hour rated, to ensure the safety of your valuables above all else. These safes are primarily designed to keep important documents such as certificates, wills, and social security papers protected from fires and committed burglars.

Fire and burglary safes are made to have higher protective capabilities against burglars. Most burglary safes are not only heavier than regular safes, but they also have complex locking mechanisms to prevent theft.

Additionally, such security safes provide maximum security to its owners as it is usually designed to have thicker steel doors and walls so it can withstand brute force breaches.

Allied Lock and Door Has the Safes You Need

If you are looking for premium-quality home safes in Cincinnati, then Allied Lock and Door has you covered. We take pride in helping our clients implement safe and efficient solutions to enhance their security and keep their belongings safe.

Search “safes near me” no longer. Check out our range of residential and commercial safes to find the type you need.

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