Here Are 3 Common Door Lock Problems That You Need to Fix Immediately

Door locks are easy to take for granted every day, especially since their purpose is simple. However, any mistakes or malfunctions can have significant ramifications over the safety of your home as locks are a crucial feature that ensure the protection and privacy of the property. They are the last line of defense of your home against intruders and thieves. 

Dealing with jammed doors and other issues often creep up now and then, and while some are minor enough to shrug off, there are specific door lock problems that you can’t ignore. Failing to address this will only compromise your security, so if you see the warning signs below, the next best course of action is to put your professional locksmith on speed dial. 

1. Loose Door Lock, Knobs, and Handles 

Locks are composed of various moving parts that work in conjunction to keep everything in place and usable. It’s a system that uses every part to fulfill its function, so one component that fails can compromise the integrity of the lock and cause the entire mechanism to fall apart. 

These loose parts are easy to take apart, so ignoring this problem will only make your home vulnerable to smash-and-grabbers as the locks will be easy to dislodge. Not to mention, loose door locks often affect both the interior and exterior sections of the lock due to either becoming worn down over time or having a set of poorly installed screws keeping it in place.

2. Misaligned Door Locks

As the moniker suggests, locks often become misaligned due to the vital parts of a locking system failing to line up accordingly. The problem is often confused with misaligned strike plates since it produces the same situation. Nonetheless, both issues will compromise the door’s core problems. 

Misalignment in the strike plates, deadbolts, or latches will cause the door not to lock or close the way it should, which makes it a prime spot for break-ins. Climate changes or poor installment of the locks, door, or doorframe are often the culprits behind this issue, but whatever the cause, you need to call an expert locksmith to tackle the problem before it gets any worse.  

3. Broken Key in Lock 

Keys can break into your lock if you insert it wrong or twist it in a rush, making it one of the most irritating door lock problems to deal with in the list. Fishing the broken key out of the lock isn’t as straightforward as it seems because it involves taking apart other components of the mechanism. 

Some damages can break the entire internal locking system altogether, which forces you to be locked out of your home potentially leaving your property at the mercy of burglars. 

Conclusion: Door Locks Act as the Frontline For Your Home 

Running into lock problems can happen now and then, but there are common issues that you can’t afford to ignore as it will leave your security weak and open to attack. 

Door locks and door knobs are just like any other hardware that needs a solution once a part – or all of it – breaks, so be sure to address any problems by calling a professional locksmith to keep your locking system working to its full potential.

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