Expert Tips to Follow When You Need a Replacement Car Key or Transponder

Car keys are part of the essentials, something that you take with you every time you leave your home. However, since your car keys are so integral to day-to-day living, once they get lost, stolen, or broken, you might find yourself wallowing in despair, thinking that all hope is lost. Luckily, a car key replacement is incredibly easy nowadays.

Owners of older vehicles using unprogrammed keys should only need to shell out minimal funds to get a car key copy made. However, owners of more modern models that use transponders will need the help of specialized professionals to solve their problem.

Does my car use a transponder chip system?

Cars using a transponder system won’t work unless its corresponding transponder chip is nearby. As such, it is vital to determine if the car key you lost contains a transponder chip. You can try to cut a copy of your car key in most hardware stores or automotive locksmith. However, if your vehicle needs a transponder chip for engines to start, you’ll only get as far as entering your car or vehicle, as it will fail to start without the chip nearby.

To check, ensure that your car’s spare key is not nearby when you test the car key copy. If your engine does not start up, then you will need professional assistance. A good indication that a key has a transponder chip is if your spare key houses a plastic casing surrounding its bow. If it does, the chances are high that it contains one.

What businesses offer programmed car key replacements?

Look at your local car locksmiths to see if they offer programmed car key replacements. Some of them might have services that provide key fob programming but are still dependent on your vehicle model. It is best to let professionals handle the programming of your newly cut transponder chip key to ensure that your vehicle starts without any problem. 

One thing to keep in mind, and we hear this all the time, dealers tend to say that they are the only ones that can offer you programmed car key replacements. This simply is not true! Aside from a few german imported models of cars, your local locksmiths can provide these replacements typically at 60% of the cost and in 20 minutes or less. There is absolutely no need to wait an hour or longer and pay top dollar for this at the dealer when you can work with a trusted local locksmith.

Remember that you should not program your key without the help of professionals. Some transponder programs require two working keys to program a newly cut one. As such, your remaining spare key won’t be able to process a new one on your own. Professional car smiths have the right tools and equipment to bypass the programming guidelines, which enables the programming of one key using only your spare key.

Pro Tip: Please don’t forget to bring your license and registration to the locksmiths. They will use it to verify your claim as the owner of your vehicle. If they require documents, you must willingly comply. Despite the hassle, at the end of the day, you will prefer the assurance and effort that a reputable locksmith puts forth that will help protect your property from falling into the hands of thieves.

Are the key replacements equipped with a warranty? 

Please choose a service provider that offers at least a 90-day warranty for their output. Otherwise, steer clear from those who don’t. A car key maker confident with their craftsmanship shouldn’t worry about something trivial like a warranty, and the offer of one is just extra assurance of that confidence.

The warranty also protects your investment in case any problems arise in the future. After all, nobody wants to receive a service that lasts less than 90 days. For instance, at some point, your transponder chip might not respond to your vehicle’s programming system. If you have a warranty, you’ll be able to fix the problem before things get worse.

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