People are often bombarded with various pieces of information that they have to remember daily, from phone numbers and names to even passwords. No matter what method you may adopt to help you remember all of them, you might end up forgetting such information from time to time.

So, it finally happened: after lots of twisting, pulling, cursing, and a build-up to an impending meltdown, you’ve managed to find yourself in the unthinkable situation by forgetting or losing your safe combination entirely. 

No matter how often you use your safe, it’s always important to remember that there’s always an underlying risk you may end up forgetting the combination that opens it. Fortunately, forgetting the password doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of the world because there is a wide range of different ways that you can turn the situation around! 

If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where you can’t remember your safe combination or lost it completely, here are three ways your local locksmith can help you overcome the issue: 

1. Electronic combination override

Best applied for any electronic locks, this type of retrieval method is most apt for modern safe models that rely on updated measures to keep one’s belongings safe.

Generally, the basic process of an electronic combination override entails using the serial number of the electronic safe lock itself or the safe’s serial number as a whole to regain access. By acquiring the necessary identifying numbers, a trained locksmith can quickly attain a master override code for the safe and provide you with the opportunity to reset your default combination.

2. Safe dial combination retrieval

For dial safes, the most effective and appropriate method that any skilled locksmith can provide is a safe dial combination removal – which is one of Allied Lock and Door’s own specialty!

Similar to the previous method, this particular method entails using a specific code to gain quick access and open the safe in the most efficient way possible, as long as the safe combination has never been changed. It is worth noting, however, that this method only works for traditional safes that primarily rely on an old-school dial to either grant or restrict access!

3. A thorough drilling (last resort!)

Despite the nature of this approach, it has been used by many locksmiths when dealing with absolutely dire situations.

As the locksmith industry’s main exemplification of “desperate times call for desperate measures,” the drill method heavily relies on the tool to gain access into the locked safe. Though you may already have a drill of your own, this particular method is carried out by first having a professional locksmith determine the drill points of safe depending on its model and serial number. With the help of proper training, an expert locksmith can drill their way to regaining access without triggering any security measures by accident!

It should be noted that this is truly the very last method that would be tried for any reputable locksmith using the latest technology. At Allied Lock and Door, we have the ability to get it done without the use of drilling.


Forgetting vital pieces of information is sometimes inevitable, no matter how hard you try to remember or which method you use. Nevertheless, when you’re in a situation where you have locked yourself out of your safe, you can rely on professional locksmiths to solve the issue.

If you’re looking for a safe and lock company in Cincinnati, OH, get in touch with our team of expert locksmiths at Allied Lock and Door Service today to see how we can help!