Home security nowadays can be too complicated. There are surveillance cameras, motion sensors, panic buttons, and all that advanced technology that keep homeowners and their personal belongings safe and sound. While security is becoming increasingly effective through the use of high-tech devices, door locks remain to be an essential part of home security. After all, you can’t restrict unauthorized access if your doors don’t lock.

The lock on your doors is what you keep checking before you leave your house or when you’re off to bed. By locking your doors, you’re already preventing intruders from getting inside. However, it’s still possible for someone uninvited to enter your home if they have a spare key. 

Before that happens, you want to ensure that they won’t be able to enter—even if you were the one who gave the key in the first place. Here are some of the typical scenarios when you should  consider changing your door locks:

1. Breakups

Ending a relationship, especially a long-term one, is normally extremely difficult for both parties. While you and your ex might have decided to split up on amicable grounds, it’s also possible to not end it on mutual terms. Of course, you still need to be understanding and give your ex-partner the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, you don’t have to jeopardize your and your home’s safety just because you feel bad.

When you cut someone off in your life, or at least, when you “demote them to friend status,” they should no longer have access to your personal belongings and your privacy. For this reason, it’s best to change your door locks as soon as you break up with someone.

2. Lost keys

Losing keys can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have spare keys. As soon as you lose your keys, you must change your locks immediately. Although you may still be able to enter your home one way or another, you’re putting your security at risk since your house key is somewhere in the middle of your neighborhood. Again, no one wants to think that people in their neighborhood are invasive, but precaution is always important. 

When you lose your keys, contact your locksmith right away and ask for your door locks to be replaced.

3. Obsolete door locks

Doorknobs and locks are subject to daily usage, which can easily degrade not only their finish but also their effectiveness. Yes, door locks are designed to be sturdy, and it normally takes a long time for them to break. Despite that, sooner or later, your doorknobs will be rendered ineffective, which means that it’s time for a replacement.

Old doorknobs are wobbly, don’t lock easily, or they look rough. These signs tell you that they’re easy to break, enabling intruders to break in and enter. Change your doorknobs to prevent that from happening.


Changing door locks is often overlooked by most homeowners. Although it’s uncommon for locks to break easily, changing doorknobs and locks is important whenever you experience the above situations. As such, you want to call your local locksmith right away for a quick and easy replacement.
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