The importance of fire rating and fire protection

The response time is even slower when the occupants are not around. In these situations, a stranger or a neighbor is likely the one who sees the smoke and fire. As such, it can take twice as much time for firefighters to extinguish the fire. By the time the flames subside, the fire would have torched most of the homeowners’ or office dwellers’ possessions anyway.

On average, it takes the fire department 20 minutes to put out a fire. This lapse is not because they are slow to respond; it is that people often take a while before they are aware that there is a fire to begin with.

You could deal with burnt clothes and cutlery. However, if you have valuables or relevant documents stored in a building, it is a whole other matter. To avoid putting your valuables at risk for burning, keep them in a fire resistant and burglary resistant safe. 

Here are some more reasons you should have one installed in your home or at the office:

It helps you keep your valuables secure

The first reason that anyone would buy a safe is to keep their valuables secure. Whether you are doing this to prevent theft, loss, or damage, a safe will keep your prized possessions away from danger.

When choosing a lock system, you should not rely on a lock and key. A burglar only needs a bolt cutter of adequate size, and they could break your padlock easily. Instead, choose a safe with a digital lock, which requires an access code with an electronic keypad.

A Hollon FB450 Series safe, for example, is a compact digital safe that delivers high-level security. It performs well in tests for burglary, and it is resistant to fires for up to two hours, making it perfect for the home.

It helps you keep hard copies of sensitive data

Technology will sometimes fail us—there could be a power interruption in our area, a server might crash, or we might get hacked. These issues are why businesses should have hard copies of documents. 

Ideally, they should also keep classified information out of computers and devices, and a vault is the best place to stash these papers. The PM Series Safes, also from Hollon, is a TL-15 fire and burglary safe, which means it is good enough for securing valuables at jewelry stores. This model is also fireproof for up to two hours.

Fireproof safes have good insurance

The more features your fireproof safe has, the better your insurance premiums. When you can demonstrate your business’s capabilities in securing its assets, the insurance company will take this as a good point toward your credit standing. Having fireproof safes will work doubly in that regard; it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile for safety.


There are plenty of benefits to choosing a fireproof safe. From double-layered walls to composite, specialized lining, you cannot have a more secure location for your valuables or classified data than a fireproof safe. When choosing a safe, go for a trusted company with a lifetime guarantee for fire replacement, like Hollon, offered at Allied Lock & Door.

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