When you’re handling or managing a company or business, security should be one of the foremost things to consider. Apart from protecting the company secrets and integral data that you have in your computers and documents, you’re also in charge of the safety of your employees and customers.

It is for this reason that basic security measures such as locks and keys exist—to safeguard you and your belongings from any ill will. When it comes to the office, however, there is even more at stake, which is why it can be a wise choice to invest in installing high-security door lock systems at key areas in the office.

To cement this point, here are four major reasons why your office needs to install high-security door locks as soon as possible.

It greatly reduces risks

Locks, in general, are already a deterrent for basic petty crime and theft. A simple lock can prevent your average lock-picking thief from entering the premises. By upgrading your system, you’re preventing even more dedicated robbers from getting into your office space and harming you, your employees, your data, and your money.

High-security lock systems are useful not just because of their unique keys, but because of the quality of the lock pieces themselves. These are more durable and resistant to damage, with most even boasting to be drill proof. This then makes it impervious to two types of breaking-in: lock-picking and drilling.

High-security keys cannot be copied

Another method that robbers use to break-in an area is to use a duplicate key. This would require a robber to steal or pick up an already established key and have it copied. While this method is already difficult in the first place, with a high-security door lock, it’s near impossible to do as well. 

The keys for this type of lock are special—so much so that it can’t just be copied at your run-of-the-mill locksmith. They have received U.S patent protection from being duplicated, which enables them to be proprietary keyways. Getting a high security key requires the tools and materials of a professional locksmith, which are not easy to source from your average key cutter or hardware store.

It’s incredibly cost-effective

Although high-security lock systems are more expensive than regular locks, these pay for themselves in the long run. For one, these are more durable and are less prone to breaking—thus giving it a longer service life and a higher deterrent for break-ins. 

By reducing the risk of break-ins alone, you are already saving the amount of money you could potentially lose from a robbery. Furthermore, the easiest way for a robber to break-in is to break a lock—which we’ve established is difficult to do for these pieces. As such, it saves you the money from having to replace these due to ill-willed individuals.

Furthermore, loaning the keys to employees won’t be too much of a problem either. For as long as they return the keys, you can stay safely assured that there won’t suddenly appear an extra copy made by anyone.


If you’re handling business with a brick-and-mortar office, then you should consider the safety of everyone and everything inside of it. By installing high-security lock systems, you give that extra assurance of mitigating potential break-ins—thus making your office a safer and more secure place for everyone.
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