No matter where you live, keeping your home secure should be one of your top priorities. According to a survey conducted by home security review site Safewise, break-ins are the number one property crime concern of American homeowners. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that burglary happens every 26 seconds in the United States.  

Fitting your home with additional security measures can prevent you from becoming victimized in a break-in. One of the most widely-used security features that homeowners can easily acquire is to install deadbolts. Deadbolts are locking mechanisms that cannot be opened without the correct key. Most typical entrances have a door lock installation with a single deadbolt incorporated into the handle design. Some people add multiple deadlocks to their entry doors in addition to the one in the handle to prevent trespassers. 

Unlike a latch or spring bolt attached to the outer surface of the door, a basic deadbolt is embedded within. The door is secured to the frame with a cylinder that slides across into a receptacle in the jamb. The hole is reinforced by a strike plate that makes it resistant to breakage or manipulation. In latches, the lock is moved by applying direct physical force on the cylinder, in bolts, a key is required to engage or retract the cylinder from the lock and open positions.

Single vs. Double Cylinder

There are two types of typical deadbolts, a single and a double cylinder. Single cylinders are more common, and most door handles with locks use this mechanism. You can insert a key on one side or turn a thumb-lever on the other to open. They are simple, straightforward, and provide a solid layer of security. 

Double cylinder deadbolts are also called double-sided deadbolts. They require a key to open the door from either side. They offer a higher level of protection since there is no way to engage the lock without the key. 

Your door lock installation will depend on your door design. Double-sided deadbolts work best for glass doors and windows. You can also use them if your door design includes glass panes, or there are windows on either side of your door that burglars can break, reach through, and unlock the door from the inside.

New technologies for door locks

While the primary locking mechanism of the deadbolt has been around since the early 20th century, new technology has been introduced that enhances the methods for manipulating it. Electronic locks use keypads, touch screens to lock and unlock doors. Owners can program access codes or save physical profiles in place of using a metal key to turn the lock. 

Wrapping up

If you want to avoid being burglarized, you can outfit your doors with as many locks as you feel necessary. Keep in mind that you should consider the ease of exiting your home in emergency situations. Your locking mechanisms should keep intruders from coming in, but it should not be a hindrance when you need to get out.
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