Living at home with your kids is great—until you find yourself worrying about their safety all throughout the day. You’re scared that they might bump into walls, doors, and pieces of furniture, possibly hurting themselves along the way. 

What’s worse is when you lose sight of them, they could wander off outside your house without you knowing. It is for this reason that it’s essential to make sure everything is childproofed from the onset, and all your doors are locked and secure at all times!

Below, we’ve enumerated the many ways you can guard your doors using handy devices that you can find at the nearest hardware store. If you don’t know how to install them yourself, you can get in touch with a professional locksmith offering door lock services for residential use.

You Can Use a Deadbolt or a Security Chain

One of the simplest ways to secure your exterior door is by putting a deadbolt or a security chain. A deadbolt offers protection because it’s fixed to your door and can only be operated by using the right key to open it. Meanwhile, a security chain makes use of a tiny chain installed on your door frame and connects to a door track for total security. 

The locks should be mounted high on top of your door handle so your children won’t be able to reach it and attempt to open the door without your supervision. 

You Can Use a Door Knob Cover

If you have standard rounded door knobs, you can find covers appropriate for almost all kinds of handles. It’s supposed to keep your child from turning the door handle because these small contraptions will give them a hard time handling it.

This is a great addition to your home, as this won’t hamper your own door opening and closing abilities, but can safeguard your child from accidentally opening the door up. Aside from this, it’s an added contraption—meaning there’s no need for difficult installation or drilling to be done.

You Can Use a Lever Handle Cover  

Doors with lever handles make it easier for your children to open your doors than other kinds of doorknobs. Luckily, there are also covers made to fit a lever handle to prevent this from happening! With a lever cover, your kids will have a hard time figuring out how to turn the handle successfully and end up giving up trying to open the door.

You Can Use Sliding Door Flip Locks

If you have sliding glass doors, you can opt to use a flip-lock that can be attached to the glass using adhesive tape. To keep your door locked, all you have to do is turn the arm of the lock upwards to stop the door from opening. Meanwhile, rotating the arm downwards allows you to slide your door open.

A flip-lock is better placed about 10 to 15 inches on top of the sliding door, to avoid your children from reaching the lock and opening the sliding door. It’s also possible for them to use a chair or any apparatus they can climb on, so make sure to measure accordingly!


Besides making sure your exterior doors are correctly locked, you can also apply locks on interior doors to optimize your children’s security. Childproofing your windows and installing alarm systems are also reasonable solutions to avoid further incidents.
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