Even if you store your valuables at home, it’s a good idea to secure it with a lock, such as within a safe. In doing so, you’re protecting essential items, documents, or even stores of cash in case of a burglary, fire, or natural catastrophe. Having a safe provides a much-needed peace of mind that your valuables are secured, even when you aren’t home.

The thing is, sometimes, safes work too well—they guard your valuables against everyone, even you! Forgetting the combination to your safe or getting it stuck can be a nightmare. Here’s what to do in the following situations:

Forgetting the Code or Combination

If the code or combination to your safe seems to escape you, walk away from it for a while. There are times when focusing on another task will prompt the memory you’re trying to bring back up. You should also verify with people who have access to the safe to ensure that they haven’t changed the combination. You can also verify with the manufacturer if there’s a way to recover the combination. 

If all else fails, it’s definitely time to hire a locksmith. While this typically is not the case, without the option of manually unlocking the safe, they may have to resort to more destructive measures like drilling a hole. While cutting the safe will completely destroy it, our method of drilling a hole is cleaner and faster. Our locksmiths will drill a tiny hole into the safe and insert a borescope to open the lock. This will open up the safe for you and prevent you from having to buy a new one, and we will take care of repairing the drill hole for you!

Failing to Unlock the Safe Even With the Right Combination

If you’re entirely sure that the combination or code for the safe is correct and it still refuses to open, the problem may lie in the door. The locking mechanism likely works fine, but the door cannot open because of an issue in its hinges or lever. You can try prying the door or applying grease to the hinges, which may make it easier to swing it open. It’s important to note, however, that using such force may damage your safe.

In this case, it may be best to call a locksmith. They’ll have the proper tools and skills to safely open the door without damaging it. They can also correctly assess the problem and determine if the door just needs a little fixing or if there’s something wrong with the locking mechanism.

Having a Loose Combination Dial

If you remember the combination but are struggling to enter it properly, this is a sign of a more severe problem. Sometimes, the dial may stop rotating or get stuck on a certain number. Either way, check your warranty to see if the manufacturer can send an expert to your house and fix the problem, free of charge. If your safe is no longer covered by warranty, you’ll want to call a locksmith.

Although it may be a more complicated problem to fix, a locksmith can identify which parts of the combination dial or lock are broken. They can also determine if a component has been worn out, blocking or disconnecting the dial in the process.


Safes protect your valuables from unauthorized access. Sometimes, though, they protect it from you. If nothing else works, be sure to seek a locksmith service. They have the expertise to restore your access to all your essential items. 

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