A high-quality lock is sturdy enough to last for several years, but there will come a time when you’ll have to replace them. In some situations, locks are no longer aesthetically pleasing due to the wear and tear they’ve accumulated over the years. Another, more important reason you’ll want to replace your lock is to reinforce your business’s security. 

Updating your business’s locks is an effective way to protect it from break-ins since you’ll be using more modern technology to fortify your premises. It’s also an opportunity to make adjustments and upgrades to your doors, such as replacing your storefront door pivots with more robust ones. 

Here are five signs it’s high time to replace your business locks:

  1. You Moved to a New Location

If you have just moved your business to a brand new location, you’ll definitely want to change out the locks. The previous owner or tenant may have access to the old locks, which is a significant security risk. They also might have given copies of their keys to friends and loved ones. By replacing the lock, you’ll guarantee that only those with authorized access are allowed to enter.

However, if you’re renting out your space, you’ll need permission from your landlord to install new locks. You’ll also have to furnish them with a copy of the key.

  1. You Have Just Laid Off Some Staff

Letting go of staff is challenging, and asking for their key to your business may be an awkward situation. Regardless, if you’ve laid off numerous members of your staff, you’ll want to completely change up the locks, especially if you suspect any of them from stealing from you. It’s also a good idea to replace the locks if they left your business on bad terms. 

  1. You Need to Repair Broken Locks

Just like any human-made item, locks are susceptible to damage and malfunction. Damaged locks are tricky to navigate, as they may stop working correctly, which can lead to sticky situations like being locked out of your premises. If you really like your lock and hesitate to replace it, a commercial door repair service will have no problem helping you out. 

  1. You Want to Upgrade to More Advanced Locks

Locks have gone a long way from the classic brassy padlock look of the older days. More sophisticated locks on the market offer advanced security features to help keep your business safe. If you’re tired of keyed locks, then electronic locks are your best bet. You won’t ever have to worry about losing your keys—all you’ll need is the code to enter.

These locks are much easier to manage, as you can simply change the code to prevent someone with the old code from accessing your business. You can also opt for a lock that snaps a photo of the person who opens the door. Some locks also come with an app functionality that you can access on your smartphone, allowing you to remotely lock your door. 

  1. You Want to Increase Lock Accessibility

Some people may have difficulty with traditional locks in door knobs due to health reasons like arthritis. If you want to make your locks more accessible, then now is the opportunity to upgrade your locks. You can switch to a lever handle that’s easier to twist. You can also use deadbolts, which are a traditional way to improve security. These are more comfortable to move as you only need to use your thumb to move them.


Security is paramount in the 21st century, especially as people become smarter and more sophisticated in infiltrating systems and breaking into locations. Protecting your business is of utmost importance, and replacing your locks is a simple yet effective way to strengthen its security.
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