The worst home invasions are clean attempts where there is no visible forced entry to your home. You could unlock your door and find yourself missing important documents or a substantial amount of money or valuables taken from your home. This is why you should know about the different strategies that invaders use to infiltrate your property. Doing your research will help you figure out which vulnerable areas of your home need an immediate upgrade.

Lock bumping is a method that requires a person to use a bump key to align the pins on your cylinder locks. It’s a lock picking technique that people usually use to burglarize a residence. It’s accessible enough that almost anyone can perform it with a few tools and enough training and practice.

The threat of lock bumping

Bump keys are tools that locksmiths use to help them diagnose and repair issues with different lock systems. In contrast, burglars use it as an invasive tool to break into residential properties.

Homes generally have cylinder locks that use pin tumbler mechanisms. It’s a standard solution to different types of locks for doors, windows, and other residential applications. Unfortunately, its status as a staple in American households makes it easily accessible for many home invaders. Through lock bumping, they can open deadbolts and standard key locks with ease if there aren’t any extra security measures in place.

How to defend your home from lock bumping

If your home contains a pin tumbler cylinder lock, your home is highly susceptible to burglars. Thankfully, there are several measures you can take to prevent home invaders from accessing your home. Listed below are three ways to help you deal with lock bumping attempts.

  1. Bump-resistant locks: Thanks to modern technology, reputable lock manufacturers are now production bump-resistant locks. These high-security locks have a UL 437 rating, which means that they don’t rely on a pin tumbler locking mechanism. 
  2. Lighting and security cameras: There’s a reason why crime usually occurs in dark street corners and alleyways. This is because criminals have a lower chance of having witnesses see their crimes. If you want to keep your home beyond the reach of home invaders, you should make your house a less-than-ideal victim. Installing better lighting in your yard will dissuade them from even attempting to enter your home. CCTV cameras are also a viable way to protect your home from potential home invaders.


Since burglars are developing more ways to infiltrate potential victims’ homes, you should also do the same to protect yourself. Investing in enhanced security protocols for your home is a small but beneficial investment for your property’s security. After installing these precautions, it’s best to request a professional security audit form a locksmith company to get an objective assessment of your home’s protection.

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