Protecting your home during winter becomes more difficult since some security risks will become more prominent. Besides the threat of colder climates, it’s also peak season where home burglary rates are more common. Winter season can be an unprepared homeowner’s nightmare, especially if they don’t invest in upgrading their security.

Protecting your home from burglaries during winter

Part of the reason why home burglaries are more prevalent during winter is the combination of darkness and cold. It’s common for some people to take a short trip to warmer climates for a vacation. Because of this, they leave their home empty and unguarded. However, it’s not just empty homes that are at risk of getting ransacked.

Winter gives the perfect series of conditions for small crimes, from frosted doorknobs to broken CCTV wiring. These minor security concerns can pile up to expose your home to malicious individuals. This is why it’s necessary to reinforce your home to prevent it from looking like a target.

In this article, we will share three safety tips to prepare your home for winter threats.

1. Get your doors and windows checked

Sometimes, the simplest security flaws are the ones staring at you right at your face. Don’t expect criminals to do any daring acts of breaking down your wall or digging a tunnel through your floorboard. They will look for the easiest way to infiltrate your home, starting with your doors and windows.

Always remember to lock your doors if you’re leaving your home. If your locks and knobs are becoming harder to close or open, it may start becoming a major concern during winter. These contraptions can experience frosts from freezing, causing them to be unusable. Seek out a local locksmith service to assess all the locks in your home, from your exterior windows to interior doors. You may have to pay extra for repairs or replacement, but it’s better than losing more than just cash with a break-in.

2. Reinforce your home security

Besides upgrading your entryways, you can also add extra attachments that will make burglars look the other way from your home. Modern security alarms can be the all-in-one solution you’ll need. They can come with sensor-sensitive floodlights that will activate when a person is near. This draws attention to anyone around your home’s perimeter to prevent any criminal act in the vicinity.

Another security measure you can install are recording cameras. The traditional CCTV camera no longer just keeps a record of what it sees. Instead, it can now transmit its feed directly to your phone or laptop through integrated apps. You can use this feature to report any unusual sightings around your lot that may be burglars scouting out your area.

3. Keep your valuables in a safe

It’s best to avoid keeping your important belongings at home if you plan to take a long trip away from your house. Having a safe is an extra layer of defense for burglars who want to steal your valuables. It’s an excellent way to protect your important documents, jewelry, and physical cash. You can either rent out a safe deposit box to your local bank or purchase a heavy-duty safe from the hardware store. 


It’s necessary to run a safety and security check of your home every season. Doing so ensures that you’re not at risk of any complications like burglaries or appliance malfunctions. Remember that it’s better to make your home safe than to be sorry in anticipating potential indoor mishaps.
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