The technical definition of burglary is an act of stealing from a person without using force. For this reason, burglars are much harder to catch since they infiltrate unsuspecting victims’ homes and leave without showing any signs that they were ever there. Although they don’t generally use violence, their presence is still a security risk for things to go wrong and potentially put your life at stake.

How to burglar-proof your home this 2021

Burglars are inherently non-confrontational. They typically only target your home if you’re not around or if they’re confident that they can slip in and out unseen. This means you can set up defenses and develop habits that will deter them from entering your property.

If you want to keep your home off a burglar’s hit list, here are three security tips you should follow:

1. Hide your home’s vulnerabilities

Burglars have a keen eye when looking at a property. Instead of seeing lush greenery and coordinated windows and door frames, they analyze potential hiding spots, entry points, and security measures. Collecting these variables will help them look for potential areas to approach your home while they’re trespassing your property.

If you leave your windows open, they might even look inside to check if you have a home security system or a dog. Along with weaknesses, your expensive home renovations can also indicate that you’re a big spender, making you a prime target. This is why you must be mindful of what you present physically and even publicly on social media.

2. Be mindful of what you throw away

Burglars won’t go through the hassle of evading your security systems if they don’t think you have valuables worth stealing. Besides scouting your property for potential insights and information, they’ll also use other means to gather information on whether you’re a valid target. Thieves can rummage through your trash and check if you leave receipts and other important documents in your trash.

Letters from banks and courier services can reveal past purchases of big-ticket items. Because of this, you must be mindful about what you throw away and make it a habit to either shred these financial documents or store them for safe-keeping.

3. Make it hard for them to find your valuables

If a burglar manages to enter your home, you must be sure that your valuables are still in a safe location. These thieves usually have a checklist of what valuables to look for and potential guesses on finding them. Besides looking for jewelry and cold cash, burglars can eye your passports, credit cards, prescription drugs, firearms, and electronics.

You must keep these items close to you or behind rooms with strong security measures. Hiring an expert offering a locksmith service to reinforce your exterior and interior doors is an excellent way to waste a burglar’s time, but ultimately any door can be broken into. It’s always best to have a high quality home safe to protect your valuables from burglary. This will force them to choose between prioritizing their safe escape over forcing entry to your secure doors and cabinets. 


Besides making these preventative measures yourself, it’s important to share this knowledge with your neighbors. Fostering a community that can proactively protect each other is an excellent way to prevent burglars from attempting to breach any homes along your block. By performing the security tips above and strengthening your access points’ security, you’ll build the image of an imposing property that burglars won’t mess with.
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