There are many methods and techniques criminals utilize to break a lock. Some can lockpick their way through, while others brute force to open a door. That said, one of the techniques they use is known as lock bumping. If you have never heard of luck bumping before, it is a method by which criminals insert a special key into the keyhole and use a bumping technique to unlock the lock. 

Unfortunately, many homes’ locks are susceptible to lock bumping, and if you are using old locks, there is a high chance this technique will work on your door. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent lock bumping, and if this is why you are reading this article, you are at the right place.

Here is how you can prevent lock bumping.

1. Install bump-resistant locks

There are many locks out there built directly (and even indirectly) to be bump-resistant. For example, some bump-resistant locks are built out of high-security cylinders. While they will not wholly prevent the technique from working, they are quite effective at making it a serious challenge. In many cases, this will cause a criminal to give up and leave in fear of getting caught. Another type of bump-resistant lock is built with shallow pin stacks, making it hard for a bump key to work.

2. Set up security cameras

While this will not solve the lock-bumping issue, what it does do is deter criminals. When people with nefarious intentions see a camera, they will think twice before carrying out any action. The last thing they want is to be shown on the news and running away from the police.

With that in mind, even if they do attempt to lock your door, the camera can record the real action. This can help provide plenty of evidence to the officials to track down and catch the individual responsible for the crime.

3. Implement a security alarm

Some criminals are extra hard-headed, and even if they see smart locks and security cams, they may still attempt to break through the door. What is the solution to this problem? A good scare.

Sometimes, the best way to chase criminals away is to implement a security alarm system. Once a criminal steps into your home and the alarm goes off, they will run away in fear of getting caught. Also, there are special alarms out there that can automatically notify you and officials about the ongoing problem, allowing the criminal to be quickly apprehended.


There are many other ways to prevent lock bumping, from having a guard dog to ensuring your home’s exterior is well-lit at night. Regardless, having any of the above solutions in your home is a great way to prevent not only lock bumping, but also overall criminal activities around your home. That said, we highly recommend implementing multiple security solutions rather than just one. The more security layers, the harder it is for a criminal to lock-bump your door successfully.

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