When it comes to the safety of your family, having a secure home is paramount. There are many gadgets and technology that can be used to make your home a safer place to live. However, where do you start when it comes to planning out your home’s safety system?

As you map out how to “safetify” your home, it will make sense to start planning in the rooms that will be more likely to be targeted by robbers. It pays to know which parts of the house are the most vulnerable to burglars to be able to strengthen the overall security of your home.

Home Security: Areas in Your Home Where Burglars Look First

If you want to prevent your house from being broken into, the first thing you need to do is to think like a burglar. What rooms in your house are the robbers most likely to visit first? Here is a short list of them and the reason burglars try to get to these rooms as fast as they can:

1 – The Master Bedroom

This room is the prime target for most robbers. It makes sense to look in this room first because the owners of the house will leave all their valuables such as jewelry and cash here to prevent them from being misplaced. The closet in master bedrooms may also contain a safe. This will keep valuable items safe to an extent, but if it is not bolted down, burglars may easily carry it away and pry it open when they are no longer in danger of being caught red-handed in your house.

2 – The Home Office

Home offices will contain other high-value items such as computers, laptops, and other electronics that thieves may sell to make a quick buck. If you store sensitive information in the hard drives of these computers, you may be at risk of losing more than your physical belongings. Nowadays, cybercriminals will pay top dollar to get their hands on your digital information as well.

3 – The Bathroom

The medicine cabinet in your bathroom may contain medications, whether these be maintenance meds or simple cough medicines. Burglars are looking for anything of value that can be resold, and medicine is often one of their targets.

4 – The Kitchen

A seasoned burglar will know where to find valuable things that may be hidden away in your kitchen. Even if you hide cash or valuables in your freezer or within your walls, burglars will somehow be able to find them. If you do not choose to keep any valuables in this room, they will take your appliances and even expensive knife sets.


Now that you are aided with this information, you will be better able to use it to make your home more secure. When leaving home for a long period, some people opt to leave some cash in one of the above-mentioned locations, which will act as bait for burglars to take. This strategy proves to be effective most of the time; the trespassers usually take this money and leave the house well enough alone after this.

However, a better way is to make sure that all the locks, doors, and doorknobs of your house are secure whether you are leaving your house to go on vacation or for a short trip to the grocery store. Having strong locks in your home is the first and most important step on the road to having a sound and effective security system.

If you think that your locks and doorknobs will not be able to protect your home against burglaries and break-ins, it may be time to call a lock and key service. Allied Lock and Door is a locksmith company specializing in locksmith services, door repair, door closer repair, service of safes, and access control. Let us take control of your home’s security by calling us today!