Many home upgrades can make do with the second-best option, but when it comes to incorporating improvements that affect your safety, it’s worth improving your security against incidents like break-ins. 

Even when you live in a quiet neighborhood with little-to-no smash and grabber cases, it doesn’t mean you can put your home security on the lower list of your priorities. Keeping your doors and windows locked is no longer effective at preventing theft, so what are the mistakes you need to iron out with your home security? 

Mistake #1: Buying Cheap Locks 

There are times when you need to keep a tight hold on your budget, but keeping your home safe is not the right time to be a penny pincher. With that in mind, saving a few hundred dollars with cheap locks can put your home at risk since they are easy to break, so you’ll only be paying for a false sense of security. 

Investing in quality locks can give you more value for your money since it is chock-full of features that can boost your security to the next level — from fingerprint-resistant screens, Wi-Fi connectivity, or touchscreen control, and Z-wave technology so you can connect your locks to your smart home hub.

Mistake #2: Skipping on the Alarm 

High-quality and sophisticated locks can do wonders for being an effective deterrent against theft, but some persistent criminals may find a loophole and force their way to your home. Relying on locks alone can give you a crutch, but installing a security alarm can improve your safety since everyone in the household will be immediately alerted when it senses a break-in.

The good news is that alarms are also smarter now, so they can also send alerts to your mobile phone wherever you are, giving you peace of mind if your family is away on a much-needed vacation. 

Mistake #3: Keeping Your Home in the Dark When You’re Sleeping or Out 

Our elders never fail to remind us to close the lights when we’re not using them, but sometimes shrouding your home in darkness can make it seem inviting for smash and grabbers. Fortunately, you can keep the lights on without increasing your electricity bills by installing automated lighting, which you can customize to open when it detects movement near your front door and other suspicious activities. 

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of Your Home Security 

There’s no doubt that everyone understands the importance of their homes; that’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the effectiveness of your home security system so your family can grow in a space where they can feel safe.

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