A house will not feel like home without a bit of organization. For households in need of organizing, a cabinet is an essential piece of furniture. You can place it in different areas around the house and use it for various purposes. It can store your clothes, documents, foods, tools, and other household items. It also comes in different colors, materials, and styles. 

A cabinet is a standard piece of furniture in every home, but what is not common is locks in these cabinets. Unfortunately, not all households see the importance of installing locks in their cabinets. For some, this is not a problem, but for those containing important documents, jewelry, or other precious items, a lock can provide you added protection. While they are not nearly as protective as a quality home safe, they can still serve as an extra protective barrier for valuables or dangerous items.

If you are contemplating whether to add locks to your existing cabinets or not, this article will enumerate the reasons you might need them.

Reason 1: Keeps Your Essential Files Safe

Cabinets function as storage. Therefore, it is only natural that you keep important documents and files inside them. Unfortunately, thieves know this well, so when they break into your house, one of the first things they would look for is the stuff in your cabinets.

If you think that documents do not require any safekeeping, remember that many identity thieves are just waiting for an opportunity. If you own a business and you keep your files in your home office, your data could also be compromised should someone enter your place. 

The last thing you want is to jeopardize any personal or business information. Having additional locks can add extra security to your storage. One should keep in mind that locks on cabinets can only serve as a lesser protective measure when compared with a true fire and burglary rated home safe. A high quality home safe is always more fortified and better at protecting against burglary.

Reason 2: Keeps Your Baby or Child Safe

Babies will crawl, grab, and hold onto things. If your baby had the strength to grab onto any cabinet not safely locked, they could get hurt in any number of ways. What’s worse is if they accidentally opened a cabinet full of hazardous tools, medicine, or sensitive cleaning product chemicals. 

With locks in place, you would have fewer things to worry about. Placing locks in all cabinets that your baby can reach would prevent accidents. Figure out where they love to go and what they like to touch, then make the necessary preparations. It is always better to baby-proof your home to prevent an accident rather than deal with the risk.

In this instance, a more formidable option like a home safe is not completely necessary, as small children are unlikely to be able to get past a barrier like a locked cabinet even if it’s an accident.

Reason 3: Gives You Peace of Mind

Indeed, installing double locks in your door or window can enhance your home security, but adding locks in cabinets could give you more assurance. 

If a thief gets inside your home, you would know that you still have protection thanks to your cabinet locks. They could stall the thieves enough to let law enforcement show up. Unfortunately, danger could also come in the form of familiar faces. So, if you need to protect anything from anyone inside or outside the house, setting up a lock could give you peace of mind either way. 

Furthermore, knowing that your house is accident-proof, at least for the little ones, might also assuage some apprehensions. In any case, an extra layer protection such as locks on a select few cabinets adds an extra layer of security on multiple fronts.


Sometimes, keeping the windows and doors locked is not enough. It would be best if there is extra protection for your important files and items. A lock may seem like a simple, quick, and easy idea, but it brings many advantages to any home. Consider this simple investment to ensure the safety and protection of your essential items and loved ones. If you want to take security even a step further, however, a quality fire & burglary rated home safe could both be a simpler, cheaper, more effective and secure option.

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