Being a robbery victim can be traumatic because losing valuable items you have worked hard to acquire can be emotionally and financially draining. Despite the panic, dealing with the aftermath proactively is important to increase the chances of the burglars getting apprehended. 

Being level-headed and taking the necessary actions amid the feeling of vulnerability will help you prevent break-ins and feel safe again in your own home. Here are steps to do after a case of robbery:

  1. Report to the authorities

Calling the police right away as soon as possible is the first and most crucial step to take when your home has been robbed. After reaching out to the authorities, avoid touching or rearranging your belongings to prevent interfering with the scene or compromising important evidence left by the culprits. Before cleaning up the mess, wait until the police have left.

  1. Take inventory 

This step is probably the hardest: identifying and inventorying what was stolen. It is when you will probably realise the precious belongings and amount of items you lost. While it is heartbreaking, making a list of the stolen pieces can help police track them down to assist with filing insurance claims.

Some ways to remind yourself of the things you had that may have been stolen are looking through old photos of your house or downloading your bank or credit card statements for purchases. This will also provide insurance companies proof of ownership.

  1. File insurance claims

File insurance claims as soon as you can. Include a list of the stolen items and a police report of the incident. Other documents that can serve as proof of ownership are receipts, photos, videos, and online transactions for the lost valuables. All of this helps assess the extent of damage and evaluate the worth of stolen goods.

  1. Evaluate points of entry

Determine how criminals got in by assessing the security in your home. Check all windows, doors, and other points of entry. Most importantly, determine the locks, and identify their weaknesses. If you hide your spare key under the doormat or a pot next to the front door, don’t forget to check it. Consider also turning to a skilled locksmith to ask for a security assessment and home security review.

  1. Improve the security in your home

Feeling scared and unsafe after a robbery is normal and understandable, but do not let fear control you. Let this incident encourage you to improve the security in your home and protect yourself, your family, and your valuables. 

Get started by repairing or changing all the locks in your house. Look for a door lock repair service near you to fix or repair the existing door locks. Another option is to rekey the locks to ensure all previous working keys no longer work. 

You can also seek quality door service to have automatic locks installed or invest in a security system that alerts your phone if they are breached. Some options even come with a live video feed that lets you see what is happening in your house in real-time.


Dealing with the aftermath of a robbery is understandably challenging. Fortunately, you can finally feel safe again and gain peace of mind knowing you, your loved ones, and your belongings are protected by following this guide. To further prevent potential break-ins in the future, call locksmith services.

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