Every homeowner knows how crucial it is to have a spare key for their house, which they can use if they ever get locked outside their home or misplace their original key. Most people often tuck their keys under a doormat or flower pot or place them on windowsills or doors.

No matter what place you decide to hide your key, it’s common for many homeowners to choose areas they think are safe from other people. However, it’s a bad habit that could lead to a break-in because burglars always know where to look.

Even though your spare key is hiding in plain sight, you’re putting your family at risk because you aren’t careful enough. Keep reading below to determine the places you should keep your spare key in and the areas you should avoid at all costs to ensure you’re safe at all times.

Where to Keep a Spare House Key

Give It to Your Trusted Neighbor

One of the best places to hide the spare key for your house is under your neighbor’s care. Since they live right next to you and they don’t want to encounter burglars just as much as you, you could ask if they hold onto your spare key for you.

While it can be inconvenient, especially when your neighbor isn’t home and you require the spare key instantly, it’s still considered the safest option. If you could discuss a plan B with your neighbor every time they go on a trip, it will save both of you the hassle. You could ask them to hide the key somewhere safe where you can retrieve it without calling an Allied locksmith to come to the rescue. 

Store It Safely in Your Car

Intruders and trespassers often initiate their devious plans during the day when homeowners are off at work or school, and there’s no one around to stop them from committing a crime. When you hide your spare key in your car, that also means your vehicle is nowhere near your home.

Since you’re likely to drive your car with you wherever you go and when you’re not around, it significantly reduces the chances for burglars to enter your house successfully. They can’t know where you’ve hidden your spare key and have no chance of entering without a key, so your home is safe from danger.

Where Not to Keep a Spare House Key

Beneath Your Doormat

The welcome mat you place right outside your door is the worst place to hide your spare house key because most burglars will be sure to look under your doormat first. As a result, you’re putting yourself in trouble because it appears as if you’re welcoming them into your home.

A lot of homeowners have gotten used to hiding their spare house keys under the mat out of convenience, especially when they tend to be forgetful themselves too. However, it’s not a very good idea because other onlookers are bound to check under your welcome mat too.

Inside Your Wallet

While your wallet is where you keep your money, credit cards, IDs, and other valuables, you shouldn’t add your spare key to the list too. If you get your wallet stolen or you drop it by accident somewhere, and your key’s inside it, there’s a chance the person who finds your wallet will try to break into your home.

Since your address is stated in your driver’s license, which is also in your wallet, you can expect a burglar to walk into your home sooner or later. But instead of waiting for that day to happen, you should request quality door services immediately to change your locks.


Duplicating your house keys is integral, but so is knowing where to keep them. As much as possible, you should avoid hiding them beneath your doormat or inside your wallet. Instead, you should give your extra key to your trusted neighbor or store them in your car to prevent unwanted people from entering your property.Are you looking to hire a door lock repair service in Cincinnati for your home? Allied Lock and Door is a locksmith company that offers door repair, door closer repair, service of safes, and access control services to people in need. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!