It’s undeniable that technology has made changes to our vehicles. Today, cars have more complex features to make our lives easier. We now have keyless entries, automatic locks, and many more. Despite these developments, they also leave vehicles defenseless and they become more vulnerable to thieves and carjackers. 

Since most of the new technologies used in vehicles today operate through a computer, it’s paved the way for hackers to infiltrate these systems and power the vehicle enough to drive it away. 

In this case, do you just avoid getting a vehicle like this? You can enjoy these technological advancements and still keep your car safe. But how? You need to understand the vulnerabilities of the vehicle to find the best ways to address them. 

Keyless Entries Can Fail Easily

Keyless entries are convenient, but the downside is that this type of key depends on the key fob that needs to be within close range. So, if the fob doesn’t work, the car won’t start. To make it worse, there’s no emergency key available for this. With that, you need to call a locksmith to fix this for you. This is because a trained locksmith is the best person to address this. However, be prepared to spend more on it. 

Signals Can Go Haywire

Modern vehicles are controlled by computers that bring plenty of great features and improve performance significantly. However, this is where hackers come into the picture. 

As mentioned, hackers operate via computers, so they can hack into your car’s system easily. Moreover, since the vehicle mainly relies on computers, signals can go haywire. When this happens, an important function of your vehicle may become interrupted. In turn, this will leave your car vulnerable to theft or carjacking. 

Vehicle Computers Can Be Hacked

It’s not only signals that can get interrupted, but hackers can hack into your system, too! When this happens, they can control your vehicle even if they’re not near your car. They can open your door locks, make your brakes fail, control the radio, and many more. 

They can even change your gas gauge readings, which can leave you stranded. With that, when hackers get into your car’s system, they get full control over it, which will make things even more dangerous for you. 

How to Protect Your Vehicle

There are some ways you can protect your car. For one, make sure you always update your car’s software. For keyless remotes, make sure they’re stored in a safe place that you can easily see. When not in use, turn off your vehicle’s Bluetooth and WiFi and ensure you hide your car’s WiFi password. Before you plug USB drives into your vehicle, scan them first to ensure they’re free of viruses or malware. 


If you ever encounter a problem with your keyless remotes and fobs for your vehicle, only a locksmith can help you get out of a tight spot. Modern cars may be convenient, but they can leave you defenseless as well. It’s crucial you know how to keep your car and yourself safe at all times. 

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