When you’re in a rush to go to work or end the day after a long day of running errands around town, nothing can feel more frustrating than realizing there’s one problem that’s stopping you from being on your way on the road—losing your car keys! 

Losing your car keys is an inconvenience that can leave you scratching your head with an important question in mind: when you really can’t find your car keys, should you put your auto dealer or mobile car locksmith on speed dial? These two services can solve the same problem, but one choice may be better than the other for the following reasons: 

Car Locksmith vs Dealership: Who Should You Trust to Replace Your Keys?

Factor #1: Price 

Losing your car keys means you have to take money out of your pockets, which feels like adding salt to your wound. Contacting your auto dealership can burn more holes in your wallet than necessary due to all the fees added to their services, but an auto locksmith can solve your problem at an affordable price.

Factor #2: Speed and Convenience 

Calling for a dealer involves plenty of steps, from heading over to their shop, setting a schedule for your appointment, and other time-consuming activities before you can finally get your car keys back. 

On the other hand, all it takes is one call to your auto locksmith to get your replacement key in a few hours only, making it the quickest choice. Seeing as you need your car daily, the time-efficient solution is always the best one!

Factor #3: Equipment

Recreating your car keys seems like a job meant for dealers who know your vehicle inside and out, but the best locksmith companies can recreate specialty keys for all types. This means they can produce the right set of keys for any kind of car model since they have the equipment to get the job done on the spot!

Factor #4: Technology

Not all keys are as simple as they used to be — nowadays, technology makes it possible to have smart locks and keys with advanced features that are designed to boost the driver’s security. With that in mind, you don’t have to worry about losing the option to choose an auto locksmith since they also can program car key replacements according to their original chips and programming. 

The Bottom Line: Why Hiring a Vehicle Locksmith is a Cost-Effective Solution to Your Missing Key Problem

Losing your car keys can be frustrating in more ways than one since it can interrupt your routine; that’s why hiring an auto locksmith rises to the top as the better choice than reaching out to car dealerships. With faster and extensive services, you can get back on track behind the wheel with an auto locksmith by your side! 

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