Traditional keyed deadbolts have been the standard in home security. The mechanism used in them is easy to use and secure, proven by years of use worldwide. However, as technology advances, people have developed other types of door locks—the type that doesn’t require any keys.

Keyless door locking systems are popular among people who often forget their keys at home. The locking mechanism doesn’t require a physical key but uses a keyless pad to lock and unlock a door. Although traditional keyed deadbolts are tested and proven, keyless deadbolt systems seem to be the future of safety for our homes.

Keyless Deadbolts vs. Keyed Deadbolts

As the name suggests, a keyed deadbolt locking system uses a physical lock and key to turn the deadbolt and keep doors locked. Meanwhile, a keyless locking deadbolt system relies on an electronic pin code, a fingerprint scanner, or some other type of intelligent technology to unlock or lock the deadbolt mechanism in the doors.

A traditional keyed lock fits into the door frame, securing a space between the door and the doorway. Meanwhile, a keyless lock can come in a wide variety of forms but usually has the same overall install while having a digital or analog keypad outside the door. On the inside of the home, the lock may feature a place for batteries or require a wired installation along with a memory system that allows you to create codes for entry. 

Benefits of a Keyless Lock System vs. a Traditional Deadbolt Lock System

People still have the option to choose between two types of locks. The keyed locking system isn’t considered obsolete, even with the keyless locking system gaining its popularity in the market. Most people choose their types of lock based on their needs, preferences, budget, and lifestyle.


Keyless locks are more convenient than regular locks as they do not require people to bring keys everywhere they go. Going keyless also reduces the risk of losing keys in public or having to leave a spare underneath the doormat. Overall, keyless locks provide convenience in everyday situations where finding a key requires too much work.

However, keyless locks aren’t foolproof either. If they’re using a pin to unlock, it might be an issue, especially for forgetful people. In some instances, if someone gains knowledge of your entry codes, it may be more difficult to realize this and change them in a timely manner. Also, if the batteries suddenly run out or a software update fails, then there is no other way to enter the house without resolving those issues presented first.

Ease of Access

Providing access to a family member or a friend in case they need help entering can be accessible if you can simply hand them a spare key to use in the house, but requires scheduling coordination. After the fact, it’s almost always a waste of time to get the spare key back when it’s no longer needed.

But with a keyless lock, you can simply share your lock’s pin with anyone,  then change it later on once everything is taken care of. With some keyless locks, you can create multiple key codes for specific family members, friends or even cleaning staff and other professionals that require ease of access when you are away. 

It can also be easier if your keyless lock works through smart technology, where a press of a button with a smartphone app allows people to enter your home without you being there. However, if you’re not a technologically inclined person, then this option might overwhelm and confuse you before it provides the promised benefits.

Rentals and Short-Term Rentals

Keyless locking systems have become a popular option not only for the typical homeowner, but also for landlords of rental properties, and hosts of short-term rental properties like those on Airbnb and VRBO. The keyless system is a worthy improvement when there is a continuous revolving door of guests accessing a property as well as cleaning staff turning over the properties between guests checking in and out. For this reason many keyless systems, especially those which allow multiple key codes and smart features can make life easier for hosts that don’t want to manage lockboxes with physical keys.

For longer term rental properties, many of the same benefits apply, where you can cut out the step where handing over a physical key would typically be necessary. Instead, landlords can give keypad instructions over email or text message without the need to meet with the renter in person. This method has become especially popular in a time of social distancing.

Considerations in Favor of Traditional Keyed Locking Systems

Security Risks

In some cases, this will not be an issue, especially if the keyless system is not a “smart home” keyless system which requires connection to the internet of the home it is installed on. If the lock does require connection to the internet it is at risk to many of the same things that a data security breach can pose risk to. If your internet service is not set up correctly for security purposes, smart lock devices can be susceptible to hacking and therefore pose a security risk to your home. For this reason, we recommend going forward with products from only the most reputable companies – companies which would have put production dollars into negating security risk as a way to protect the reputation of its products. If you would like to avoid this risk altogether go with a keyed door lock system.

Internet Connection & Power Loss

Again, this may not be a problem with certain products, but door locks which require connection to the internet or to the power of your home to function properly could pose an issue if you experience frequent outages. You could avoid this risk altogether by going with a keyed system. Many of the best keyless systems will have a power and memory back-up system that will activate in the case of an outage but this may be a problem still with frequent outages.


While battery technology is continuing to improve, relying on batteries still poses a challenge to convenience and to homeowners that prefer to avoid batteries for other reasons. Many of these keyless systems do require batteries and for that reason this may need to be added to your list of considerations if you are looking to make a decision.


Many households are already switching to keyless locks for the benefits described. But for now, people will still have the option to choose among various lock types. Regardless of the lock type chosen, always ensure its quality and security.

Also, choose locks based on their cost—the unit’s price and the labor costs needed for installation. Locks don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be effective. Next, choose the type that’s easy to install, especially if you’re planning to install it on your own. Last, if you’re planning to upgrade to a keyless lock system, buy from a known manufacturer. Remember that the lock you’re paying for is for your home’s security. Only source it from the company with an excellent reputation for locks.

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