Businesses don’t question the need for security protocols in the office, and other functions like cybersecurity are rising in demand, too, as industries are fully embracing digital transformation. But for your physical assets like cash, clients’ possessions, along with hard copies of your payroll records, you need a reliable and tangible security measure to keep everything safe from all kinds of harm. That’s where business safes swoop in and (hopefully) save the day! 

Safes have always been depicted as an infamous safecracker’s playground, one where they can use “state of the art” tools and uncanny hearing abilities to crack the safe in a few clicks. In reality, safes are a form of strongbox made with intricate mechanisms to keep the contents inside secure from unauthorized access and prying eyes. With that in mind, what is the best kind of safe for your business?

Exploring Different Types of Safes to Protect Your Business Assets

1. Office Safes

Office safes are often placed in business-related spaces such as offices, retail stores, or even restaurants. They come in two forms: you can keep them in the back as a freestanding safe, while the other can be bolted onto the wall. 

Office safes are made with high-quality steel and a complex lock design to ensure the contents are well-guarded, plus they offer high-impact resistance to ensure it remains functional even when it is abused. They’re the best choice for storing high-level valuables like money and sensitive records. 

2. Media Safes 

The world is increasingly becoming digitally-oriented, and as more confidential data are stored using various forms of media, businesses will need ingenious ways to safeguard cloud-based information using physical solutions as a form of backup. 

In the event of fire or water damages, a media safe can effectively keep medical files safe by storing electronic valuables like hard drives and USBs in a high-seal, fire-resistant safe box. Media safes are also made with specially insulated material that regulates the inner temperature, enabling the contents to remain cool even in a fire. 

3. Deposit Safes

If you need to provide a commercial safe accessible to your employees, then a deposit safe is a small alternative to an office safe. Just as the moniker suggests, it allows authorized personnel to drop contents inside and temporarily store important files until they can be delivered to a bigger and better safe. 

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Right Safe For Your Business

There is no price for one’s security, so it’s always worth investing in measures that ensure your safety in more ways than one. Businesses have plenty of important sectors to protect, so there’s no one-stop-shop solution that can safeguard different elements of your operations—be it your cybersecurity, reputation, money, employees, assets, and more. 

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