Being locked out of your own home can be annoying and frustrating. While we try to avoid it as best as we can, there are times when it happens. When it does, you have to go through a whole ordeal of getting it unlocked.

In this article, we will give you various tips on how to avoid being locked in your own home. Keep reading to learn more.

Keep a Spare Key

This is one of the most basic ways to ensure that you do not lock yourself out. You should always have a spare key that should be hidden somewhere that only you would know about.

Make sure that you always keep this separated from the original copy of your key and preferably just leave it somewhere outside your house, hidden. Keeping it with your own copy of your key would be useless because if you lose one, you will end up losing both. Never remove this key from where you keep it, and try not to bring it around.

Share Your Key

Aside from keeping a spare key somewhere outside your door, you can always share a copy of your key with someone you trust. Make sure that it is someone who lives nearby and you can easily contact.

If you live with a roommate, this is even more ideal. Each one of you should have a copy of the key. This way, if the other loses their copy, it would not be a problem.

Using Smart Locks

What is the best way to avoid losing or forgetting your key and getting locked out? Just do not have a key at all. By using a smart lock instead of the traditional lock and key mechanism, you will no longer have to deal with your lock problems.

Smart locks may come in different forms—some of them may be a keypad lock where all you have to do is memorize a numeric code and enter it. There are also smart locks that use biometrics. Whatever it is, these locks are ideal if you are prone to losing or forgetting your keys.

Always Double-Check for Keys

Make it a habit to always double and even triple-check for your keys before leaving. Try to keep it in your bag instead of your pocket to ensure that it is safe.  Before heading out and officially locking the door, check again and even test it on your doorknob if you can.

Call Your Locksmith

If all else fails and you do end up getting locked out of your home, immediately contact a locksmith service. They will be able to help you in getting into your house without breaking doors or windows.

While they may end up having to damage your locks, they can fix it for you. So if you have done everything that you can and cannot open your door or if you are in a hurry, get a locksmith service.


If you get locked out of your own home, it may be frustrating. However, if you follow our tips, you will be able to avoid getting locked out. And in the case that you do, just contact a local locksmith service to help you out.

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