You most likely have expensive belongings in your house that you want to keep secure against fires, floods, burglary, and other unforeseen calamities. Whether it’s a priceless family heirloom or important personal papers, home safes are the best method to keep valuables safe while yet making them accessible.

However, when it comes to the best home safes, one size does not fit all. Before choosing a safe, there are a few factors to consider, such as size, lock style, and mobility. We’ve compiled a list of the top safes on the market right now.

You should be able to locate the best one for you based on your personal needs

Best Selling Safe Brands

First Alert

First Alert is a well-known company whose name has become synonymous with home safety products such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and security cameras. First Alert sells solid steel fire safes, which are ideal for home protection.

Gardall Safe

Gardall is one of the more popular names in the safe industry. First opened in 1954, Gardall Safe has been an industry leader for years. The company offers a variety of steel safes that range from small portable safes to large floor safes.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox has been a leading manufacturer of home safes for over half a century. They offer an extensive line of fire-resistant safes that vary in size and sturdiness for any home.

Liberty Safe

Liberty Safe is an American-made safe manufacturer. With over 45 years of experience in the home safe industry, they produce quality steel safes that can be bolted down to most surfaces.

Protex Safe

Protex manufactures fire safe products, including wall safes, floor safes, and a range of fire safes. They are built to the highest industry standards and are available in various sizes and styles.


Safes, like other security systems, have evolved alongside technology, now offering smart safe alternatives. The FBI-approved fingerprint scanner, auto-lock, and tamper warnings are included in the Verifi S6000 Smart Safe. The high-quality fingerprint scanner gives you complete control and allows you to revoke access authorization from specific fingerprint users at any moment. All of this technology is not inexpensive, but it may be worthwhile in the long term.


Baraska is a renowned American-made safe manufacturer that has been producing safes for over 50 years. They offer a great deal of fire-resistant options that are built to the highest quality standards.

Our Recommendation: Hollon Safes

Maximum protection from fire, water and burglary.

Hollon 2 Hour Home Safes offer 100% more fire protection than the average home safe on the market today. Thicker walls and thicker doors promise a no-holds-barred defense against fire. A grooved door seal protects the interior from the water of a fireman’s hose or sprinklers. Tested at a blazing 1850° F external temperature, this safe is still able to maintain an internal temp of only 350° F. To top it off, it’s also 30-foot impact rated. As a result, this is one tough safe to crack.

Hollon Safe Company offers products directly to Locksmiths but conveniently you can find many of their products on

What to Consider Before Buying a Safe

There are a few variables to consider before purchasing a safe.


Portability is a crucial factor to consider before buying a safe. In some cases, you may need to be able to transport your safe, or you may need to be able to move it quickly between rooms. This can be a big factor for some.


Size is another vital consideration as it will be your primary means of determining what you can fit into your safe. Larger safes are obviously able to hold more items, but you also need to consider what you want to store in your safe. If you are looking for a safe to store a few essential documents, a small portable safe may be more than adequate. However, if you want a safe for your valuables and essential items, a larger, sturdier, and more secure safe may be the way to go.


There are many types of locks you can choose from when it comes to purchasing a safe. The main things to consider are if the lock is mechanical or electronic and if you can access the contents if the lock fails or the battery dies.

Other Considerations

Some other considerations that may be important to you include the level of fire resistance, your desire for an electronic lock, and the underlay or carpeting used in the safe.


After weighing all the factors and considering your needs, a high-quality safe can help protect your valuables against various threats. When you are looking for a safe, it is a great idea to read reviews and consider what you will be storing in it before purchasing.
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