Some people believe they must be prepared for the worst-case scenario, so they constantly carry their automobile key fob with them. If you fall into this category, good for you to be so well-prepared for any eventuality.

Like an extra car key fob, a spare car key fob is a marvel. If you’re confused about why someone would want to carry an extra thing around, This article will provide all the information you need regarding carrying your car key fob with you at all times.

Protection from Theft

A special code is needed to start the engine of a keyless car, and only your particular key fob can supply it. This is accomplished via a radio frequency that the automobile can detect, allowing the ignition and use of various auto accessories. 

This device provides many layers of security for your vehicles, assisting in keeping out thieves.

Easy Access

The ease of usage of a key fob is among its most valuable features. Every time you need to enter the car, you won’t have to dig around in your luggage or pockets or deal with chilly locks that could freeze shut when you insert the key.

Instead, the doors will open themselves as soon as you get close to the vehicle. This is advantageous because it makes it simple to open the trunk, which is helpful if you’re carrying bags from the grocery store. 


If you’re like most drivers, you’ve probably returned to a parking lot to make sure the car is locked up completely. But keyless technology allows the majority of vehicles to lock themselves automatically after the key is out of reach, so you may avoid this hassle. 

This is yet another method for keeping your automobile and its contents secure when you aren’t there.


The main justification for carrying a car key fob around is convenience. Many people get so worried as a result of their fear of dropping it, losing it, or losing it altogether and not being able to find it again.

If you think that’s a bit harsh, let’s consider all the potential problems that could arise if you were to misplace your automobile key fob. First, you wouldn’t have a chance to unlock your car again.


Many people find it useful to always have their automobile key fob with them. Take out your extra car key from your wallet or pocketbook and use that in its place if you misplace your keys and need to make a quick trip to the shops. 

A spare key is in your wallet, so you don’t even need to think about how long you’ll be gone.


Be careful not to lose your car key fob. Getting into your automobile is inconvenient because of the difficulty of replacing the device. Compared to simply driving home, it wouldn’t be as simple.

The only other option if you lose your car key fob while you’re out and about is to pay for a trusted replacement service that requires contacting a professional locksmith or having your car towed to a garage.
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