You can’t be entirely confident about the condition of your car keys. Failure of a car key can occur when you least expect it such as when you should be at work, school, or an appointment. 

Fortunately, your neighborhood locksmith has probably encountered their fair share of broken car keys and can tell you that there are a variety of possible causes for your vehicle key’s malfunction.

If you notice that your car key isn’t turning properly or locking and unlocking properly, it might be time for a replacement.

Please don’t wait until all your automobile keys stop working. Below are the indications that you should replace your automobile keys as quickly as possible.

A Damaged or Broken Car Key

Has a piece of your automobile key broken off or cracked in half inside the lock? When temperatures drop, these problems for drivers in the Midwest are not unusual. 

However, a damaged car key isn’t usually as obvious as a broken one. Even though there are no obvious breaks, minor damage may already be leading to problems with your car key.

Years of usage or persistent friction with other objects can cause a key’s teeth to deteriorate and change over time. The changes are frequently so subtle that you cannot perceive them. Turning the key may be challenging or perhaps impossible if the grooves don’t match the lock’s mechanisms.

It may be necessary to contact an automotive locksmith for key replacement if you can’t turn your car key in the door.

A Broken Lock

The lock itself may be at fault if the car key isn’t the issue. While many modern vehicles have push-button or fob starters, older models still have conventional turn-of-the-key locks. Due to the frequent physical unlocking and locking of the car, these locks are quickly damaged.

The automobile lock’s deterioration over time isn’t the only potential issue. A car lock can be readily jammed by dirt and debris, and freezing weather can cause car locks to freeze. 

It’s normal to have trouble unlocking your car occasionally, but if it’s happening more frequently, it might be time to call a locksmith.

An Unprogrammed Key Fob

Do you use a keyless remote or a fob key for your car? Do you have access to your car’s trunk and doors only? You bought your own fob online but can’t get it to work.

There’s a possibility it was never programmed to the car’s transmitter if you can’t start the car itself. This frequently occurs when drivers utilize a spare key fob or try to repair their own keyless remotes.

A Copied Key

Have you lately lost your car key and are using a duplicate? One advantage of having an extra car key on hand is this. However, the issue is that not all copies of keys are exact duplicates. 

There is also a risk that the design and cut of the duplicate key are different from the original, which affects how well the key works. A code key that has been cut according to the manufacturer’s standards can be recreated, reducing the deterioration of outdated duplicate keys.


Do not put off thinking about replacing your car key until you have been locked out of your vehicle. You can avoid major issues from occurring at the most inopportune moments by being aware of the symptoms of broken car keys.
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