Everybody has experienced attempting to start or even unlock your car and discovering that your car key is not functioning. When you realize that you might be locked out of your automobile, your mind starts racing to try to think of every excuse. Sometimes, the solution will be obvious to you, but finding the cause of the issue may take some time.

This article shows some of the causes of auto key malfunctions to make your diagnostic and repair experience much smoother.

Broken Key

Simply said, a damaged vehicle key is one of the main causes of a malfunctioning car key. When they think about damaged keys, most people typically imagine a broken key that has been broken into pieces. 

A broken key is not usually readily apparent. A key’s grooves could be worn out. The car key will no longer work with the internal systems of the lock or the ignition if one or more of these grooves have the incorrect depth.

Damaged Batteries in Key Fobs

Your key fob or keyless entry remote’s batteries dying could be another factor preventing your auto keys from working. But since batteries eventually run out, identifying the issue is not too difficult.

The batteries will likely run out if you find that your car is not responding to commands or signals transmitted from your key fob. You should be aware that this is not the only scenario in which your key fob could stop functioning. 

Finding the appropriate batteries and replacing them is a straightforward remedy when you realize that your automobile key isn’t working because the key fob batteries are worn out. Your car key fob should work perfectly after completing this.

Internal Damage to the Remote or Key Fob

Since the key fob relies on communication between a transmitter and a receiver, if one of these parts is broken, your automobile key won’t function as it should. Your car key won’t operate if the vehicle’s internal electronics are compromised or the transmitter is damaged.

These components can occasionally deteriorate over time and show their damage as frayed wires and other things. Other times, external damage to your key fob or to your vehicle itself can cause internal wiring to become harmed. 

The internal parts of your key fob could become misaligned as a result of anything as simple as dropping your car keys.

No Programming Done on the Key

Since transponder keys and keyless entry remotes are the only devices that require programming, conventional keys do not. It’s possible that the key hasn’t yet been programmed to work with your automobile if your car key doesn’t start your car.

People who replace their car key remotes or obtain additional car keys frequently experience problems with car key programming. They frequently overlook the fact that in order for the transponder key and key fob to work with your car, they must be programmed. 

If you don’t do this, all you can do with the key is open the trunk and your vehicle doors.


A new car key made by a reliable locksmith can help you quickly get your car back on the road if your remote car key stops working. They typically offer quick and efficient service for a replacement vehicle and van keys, transponder keys, remote controls, and other items. Many can be at your location within an hour, and some even provide twenty-four-hour customer support.

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