When it comes to keeping your home safe and secure, one of the first things you should do is make sure your doors have sturdy locks. A deadbolt is the best type of lock to use because it keeps intruders out while still letting you get in and out of your house without any trouble.

Interested in the mechanisms of deadbolt locks? Here’s what to know.

How Does a Deadbolt Work?

Deadbolts work when the key in the cylinder that unlocks the door will compress, and once the door is closed from the inside, the spring will automatically go back. 

Deadbolts must be manually locked when you are inside your home unless it is a double-cylinder lock.

Deadbolt locks are available in two forms: single-cylinder and double-cylinder. Most residential deadbolts are single-cylinder, which means the door can only be locked from inside the house. 

A double-cylinder deadbolt has key access on both sides, allowing you to lock it from either side of the door. Though a double-cylinder deadbolt is technically safer than its single counterpart, single-cylinder deadbolts are better for most homeowners because they allow people to exit quickly in an emergency.

Ask your locksmith if a single-cylinder deadbolt would suffice or if you need a double-cylinder deadbolt for enhanced security.

Where Should You Have Deadbolts?

Deadbolts are a critical part of home security. It would be best if you had a deadbolt at every entrance to your home, including the front and back doors.

You should also have a deadbolt on the garage door, especially if you don’t have an alarm system. It’s not difficult to break into a home through the garage; burglars often do this when they want to get in and out quickly.

These are the most vulnerable entry points into your home, so you should make them as secure as possible by installing a deadbolt.

Why Deadbolts Are So Effective

Deadbolts are a form of door security that offers enhanced protection. A deadbolt lock is formed from a steel bolt that moves through and from the metal plate of the door lock to the solid door jamb. This makes it strong and resistant to sudden kicking and hard-hitting. 

A deadbolt lock also requires the right key. This means that if a burglar wants to gain access to your home, it will be hard for them to enter without a key.

Deadbolts can last for decades and can be re-keyed. Unlike electronic security systems, they aren’t reliant upon electricity. 


As you can see, there are a lot of different advantages of having deadbolts installed in your doors. They offer you the most protection against home invasions because a person has to have the right key in order to enter. Invest in one for the safety of your family and your home. You’ll be glad that you did!

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