Home and business owners should constantly prioritize security, and that security should start at your door. As simple as it is, a good lock prevents thefts, break-ins, and vandalism at your business. This is why the door, frame, and all other entryways must be exceedingly sturdy. You can protect your property with high-security locks with the right level of safety and security. 

You need to invest in this, and getting a high-security locksmith is better than do-it-yourself or DIY solutions that may compromise your safety. 

Do You Need a High-Security Lock?

The risk of burglary and vandalism is high nowadays, especially in places with a lot of foot traffic. A high-security lock can deter burglars from breaking into your home. It’s harder for them to break into your home, making it dangerous for them to try.

Low-level security systems may allow criminals to enter your property and leave without being observed by personnel. In contrast, a high level of security provides another layer of protection that will discourage criminals from targeting you. However, only a certified, trained and skilled locksmith can provide this service. While somewhat more expensive than standard locks, security locks are worth the investment to discourage criminals from targeting your business and improving your peace of mind.

What to Look for When Purchasing High-Security Door Locks

Door locks are the most common security feature you can add to your business. In most cases, it’s enough to install a high-security door lock. This type of lock is so effective that it’s easy to forget that you have it installed.

It’s not just the lock itself that is of high quality—it’s the way everything works together. The hardware interacts with the frame and deadbolt to create an airtight security system. They all work together to deliver a high level of security that protects your family and valuables inside.

  • Hardware

The metal used to make the lock and having more weight are two critical factors in making high-security locks. A light lock is useless in terms of security because it cannot stay closed if someone hits it with force. Despite any security measures to prevent picking or drilling, a damaged lock constructed of inexpensive metals or plastics will not stay closed if someone hits it with force.

  • Bolt Tensile Strength

The bolt of a high-security lock must be solid, as must be the metal it encases. The strength of the bolt is critical in preventing a criminal from forcing their way in by using their shoulder, a battering ram, a sledgehammer, or similar tools.

A criminal seeks to use brute force to overcome a lock, and even the most rigid locks can’t withstand an attack’s full power. The bolt must be strong enough to endure such assaults without buckling. A tight bolt also guards against various forms of sawing that could cut the bolt in half.

  • Drill Resistance

One of the simplest ways to break into a lock is to drill it, but it is also one of the most damaging. Many locksmiths drill locks to get inside, but they prefer other techniques because drilling usually destroys the lock.

The locks are protected from drilling by anti-drill plates and hardened steel ball bearings. These devices prevent the drill from entering or prevent the drill from working.

  • Key Copying

If you’re concerned about security, don’t use basic high-security keys. Each key copy increases the likelihood that criminals will get a hold of a duplicate and break into your home or office with it. You’re better off securing your lock to prevent unauthorized copying. One way to do this is to buy a new lock with patented keyways that can only be opened by one machine.


The layer of protection that high-security locks provide is a critical aspect of safeguarding your property. By investing in this type of lock, you are investing in your family, property, valuables, and peace of mind. You certainly do not want to regret not purchasing this kind of lock.

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